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CAKE is FREE for Parents  - it is an interactive daycare management system that gives you access to your child's daily reports, review and pay fees, view upcoming calendar events and much more.  You can even send a message directly to your child's teacher and teachers can also send messages to Parents for reminders or updates.

Best of all it is available anywhere you, ....on your computer, iPhone or iPad as well as Android.

Class Kiosk is an innovative classroom management application that is designed specifically for the iPad, Android Tablet and the Amazon Kindle. Class Kiosk will assist the teachers with their daily tasks, help file reports and even keep track of children logs. You can truly have real-time updates with the Class Kiosk being used to manage all of your classrooms. Parents who are signed up for Cake for Parents can have peace of mind because they are able to keep track of their children with updates submitted by the Class Kiosk.



  • File a body check
  • File an incident/illness
  • File a daily report
  • Records of children activity
  • Records of bottles fed

       ...And more!

CAKE for Parents