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Nutritious lunch and two snacks are provided.

Teacher/Child ratio in the Toddler room is



(18 months - 2.5 years)

In the Toddler Program, each child’s individual needs are met by flexible scheduling, including structured indoor and outdoor activities.  Developmentally appropriate activities foster the growth of self-help   skills, language development, social awareness and positive, non-aggressive problem solving in each child. The Center’s classrooms    provide a stimulating environment, where the teachers work together in   planning daily activities to meet the developmental goals of the children.  Bizzy Buddies strives to provide an environment which contains a wide variety of materials that are challenging, familiar and loved. The teachers encourage different kinds of play and activities such as, construction, role play, gross motor, problem solving, discovering, communicating, creating, imagining, reading, writing, numbers, space and measurement.